Programme of Events

Programme of events for the academic year 2019/2020 will be posted here soon.

Past Events

Book launch- Feminist Judgments in International Law

CSEL’s co-director, Professor Jill Marshall spoke at the book launch of Feminist Judgments in International Law (Hart 2019) at the London School of Economics on 19 September 2019, having co-rewrote a European Court of Human Rights judgment on Islamic headscarf bans. More information about the book can be found here.



BBC Surrey Radio Interview- Jennifer Storey 

CSEL member, Jennifer Storey was interviewed on BBC Surrey radio on 16 September. The interview was about a rise in domestic homicides in the UK over the last 5 years and Jennifer took part in a discussion about the ways that research could offer solutions. The interview can be listened to here.



Society of Legal Scholars Annual conference

CSEL’s co-director, Professor Jill Marshall presented her work on baby boxes and secret births with Anna Davies, a PhD Student at Royal Holloway, at the Society of Legal Scholars Annual conference in September 2019. More information about the annual conferences can be found here.



The Waiting Room VR premieres at The 76th Venice International Film Festival

BAFTA award-winning director Victoria Mapplebeck’s , The Waiting Room:VR  was recently in competition at The 76th Venice International Film Festival. When Victoria returned from Venice she was interviewed by BBC Click who included both the film and the VR project in their feature.  The Waiting Room VR is written and directed by Victoria and documents her breast cancer diagnosis  from a patient’s point of view, exploring what we can and what we can’t control when our bodies fail us.

The lynchpin of this VR piece is a 9-min durational 360 take, a reconstruction of Victoria’s last session of radiotherapy, which marked the end of nine months of breast cancer treatment. This experience is counter balanced by a CGI journey inside Victoria’s body. Working with 3D artists, Victoria has bought to life the medical imaging she’s collected through out treatment. Cancer cells, CT scans, mammograms and ultrasound provide a 3D portrait of her body from the inside, out.

“We have made cancer our enemy,” says Victoria, “a dark force to be fought by a relentlessly upbeat attitude.  The Waiting Room is part of a body of critical works which explore the ways in which cancer disrupts and shapes our identity. I’m aiming to challenge the objectification of the medical gaze and remind the audience of the person behind the diagnosis. It was amazing to watch The Waiting Room :VR play in the VR cinema at The Venice Film Festival  and to receive such amazing audience feedback and media coverage”. The Waiting Room film and VR project are now part of an outreach strategy which will see the  film and VR project tour  galleries , cancer centres and hospitals in 2019/20.

IVR World Congress of Legal and Social Philosophy 

CSEL’s co-director, Professor Jill Marshall, convened and presented at an international workshop on Human Rights and Personal Identity at the IVR World Congress of legal and social philosophy in July 2019. More information and pictures from the event can be found here.



Law, Justice and Emotion in the Aftermath of Genocide

April 2019 marked 25 years since the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. This remembrance period began on 7th April with a national week of mourning and lasted for a hundred days. Rwandans call this time Kwibuka, which means “remember” in Kinyarwanda. The commemoration period offers Rwandans a chance to remember their dead, reflect on the past and focus on building a united country. During this period, people across the world also reflect on the lessons that can be learned from Rwanda, the responsibilities of the international community and the ongoing need for vigilance in a world negotiating increasingly polarised positions, intolerance and genocide denial.

On 30th April 2019, CSEL hosted a panel discussion of special guest speakers including the Ishami Foundation
and academics, who linked together storytelling, international politics/law, Rwanda and memory, trauma. A Q and A session was also held, followed by an opportunity for further discussion over informal drinks.

This event took place at our Central London Campus on the afternoon of 30th of April at 11 Bedford Square.
Event Programme

Centre for the Study of Emotion and Law Launch & Conference

The official opening of the Centre for the Study of Emotion and Law took place at our Central London Campus on the evening of 22nd of March. This reception evening included exhibitions from our CSEL members. More information can be found here- reception information.

Our opening reception was then followed by a one day conference with workshops on the 23rd of March. This include keynote lectures from Amanda Weston, QC Garden Court
Chambers and Professor Adam Brown, New School for Social Research, New York, as well as several workshops. More information on the days events can be found here- conference information.

These events took place at our Central London Campus at 11 Bedford Square.